♥ is produced by Jacob Kirkegaard on commission from Bygningsstyrelsen & Copenhagen University.
Idea & concept, love songs & field recordings, design of sound installation by Jacob Kirkegaard 

♥ is a permanent installation created for the new building of the Department of Cross Cultural and Regional Studies at Copenhagen University, Denmark.
Inspired by the variety of cultures and languages that will be crossing this space, the work employs both acoustic and visual elements to play with the different ways that people from all over the world have found to express the universal idea of love.
The staircase of the building, painted in different shades of grey and set up with red neon tubes that spell the word „love“ in four different languages, is turned into a huge vertical sound installation: 24 speakers, spanning 27 metres from bottom to ceiling, play love songs in all the different languages that are studied at the institute – from Arabic and Russian to Tibetan and Kalaallisut, alternating with field recordings made in the corresponding regions of the world.


Installation & Programming: Dominik Hildebrand Marques Lopes